AAG Biotics, LLC
Live Beneficial Microbes Working For You

Who we are:

AAG Biotics, LLC is a company with a simple purpose:  We market the usefulness of Probiotic Beneficial Microorganisms (PBM) to the agriculture industry and beyond, and thereby build a profitable and sustainable business.  Based on many studies and personal experience, we believe the increased use of our products will benefit our customers in both profits and sustainability and ultimately positively impact our environment.

What we do:

We manufacture all of our products at our plant in the small university town of Chico in the very agriculture-rich Northern California Valley surrounded by almond and walnut orchards and with 500,000 acres of rice land nearby.

Having seen the amazing work these microbes can do, we searched the market place to find the best producer of “mother culture” to use as the basis of our product line.  After much research we chose to become a licensee of SCD Probiotics out of Kansas City Missouri.   We chose SCD Probiotics because they are the leader in quality and viability.  Their mother culture is OMRI listed and represents the very best of this technology. Their commitment on  quality improvement and their dedication to research on new applications made us proud to display the SCD Probiotics Inside logo on our products.

I invite you to check out our “mother culture” supplier at www.scdprobiotics.com