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Probiotics for a Clean and Healthy Home & Garden

Probiotics are good bacteria that are beneficial to the host (the place where the bacteria live). While the traditional meaning of the word “probiotic” is applied to human and animal digestive microorganisms, SCD Probiotics has transferred the technology to a line of products that help keep your home and garden clean and healthy. SCD Probiotics products are all-natural, biodegradable, not chemically engineered or genetically modified. Safe for use around children and pets, SCD Probiotics are products made for a sustainable future - for your family and for our planet.

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Pro-Basic Growâ„¢
Pro-Basic Grow™

A Probiotic Additive for Farm and Garden
An all-natural, environally-safe solution for use in organic farming. A cost-effective alternative to chemical products. Ideal for large-scale composting and soil enhancing applications.
Pro-Basic Klean/Odor Controlâ„¢
Pro-Basic Klean/Odor Control™

Probiotic Cleaning Concentrate
An all-natural, probiotic cleaner containing powerful microbes, which break down grease, grime and dirt.
Spa Bioticâ„¢ Probiotic Natural Spa Treatment Kit Refill
Spa Biotic™ Probiotic Natural Spa Treatment Kit Refill
Our Price: $29.95

This product includes a refill bottle (8 oz.) of Spa Biotic™ Probiotic Natural Spa Treatment only (without the small blue dispenser bottle).

Spa Bioticâ„¢ Probiotic Natural Spa Treatment Kit
Spa Biotic™ Probiotic Natural Spa Treatment Kit
Our Price: $39.95

Many people find the typical method of chemical sanitization of their above-ground hot tub or in-ground spa to be time-consuming and harsh on their bodies. For purposes of clarification, we will use the term, “spa” to reference both above-ground hot tubs as well as covered in-ground spas. Our Spa Biotic ™ is a completely different approach to spa treatment and maintenance. It is more natural