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Bokashi Brothers™ Indoor Composter - TAN
Bokashi Brothersâ„¢ Indoor Composter - TAN

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Unique in-house product used to recycle kitchen scraps into an organic compost soil conditioner. Used with Probiotic Bokashi™, this system ferments and pickles your food waste in less than half the time of conventional composting methods without odors (Probiotic Bokashi™ sold separately).

Probiotic Bokashi Composter™ is easy-to-use composting bin made for collecting food wastes all year long. It provides a convenient collection method for kitchen scrapes and turns them into rich, organic material great for your lawn and garden.

Probiotic Bokashi Composter™
includes a drainage area in the bottom of the bucket that collects a nutrient-rich “tea” that can then be applied as a fertilizer for plants.

The Probiotic Bokashi Composter™ can be easily implemented in an indoor environment making it useful for apartment, school, household, restaurant, business or wilderness use.

Each composter comes with complete instructions.


Download Usage Guideand pictures for how to use the Probiotic Bokashi Composter™
Download HelpfulTips on how to compost at home, and how to bury your compost

Check out kitchencomposter.com for more information.

To compost kitchen waste:
Lay down initial layer of Probiotic Bokashi™. Place fresh food scraps in the Probiotic Composter™ and thoroughly coat every layer with Probiotic Bokashi™ compost starter. Close the lid tightly after every use to ensure an anaerobic environment.

Once the container is filled to capacity, let the pieces continue to ferment for two weeks and then transfer into your garden or planter. Allow at least two more weeks for the fermentation process to continue in the soil before planting your favorite veggies, flowers, trees, etc.

Make sure to drain the liquid released during the anaerobic process from the Probiotic Bokashi Composter™ frequently to prevent putrefaction of your compost.

Compost Bin
Black and Marble option: 70% post consumer recycled plastic; ceramics
Tan option: Virgin plastic; ceramics

The Bokashi Brothers Indoor Composter™ can be placed under the kitchen sink or other convenient location and is perfect for any size household.

Contact: info@aagbiotics.com for more information.

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